We want our children to understand the world around them and to think scientifically. We believe that learning science lays the foundations for children to understand and contribute to decisions about health, the environment and technology in the future.

We follow the National Curriculum to teach biology, physics and chemistry, using the Plan Bee scheme of work to embed core knowledge, while ensuring that children develop an inquisitive mind, and use a range of skills including observations, planning and investigations.

We teach specialist vocabulary at all ages, so that children can communicate scientific ideas fluently. We teach our children to review what they already know and make sure they remember it in the future. This allows children who join us at any time in their school journey to fill any knowledge and skills gaps in science.

We ensure that all children are confident to engage, experiment and attain in science, using diverse Change Makers as role models to promote science as a career option for any child.

We work with families to promote science as a career and draw on all that Manchester and the North West has to offer to broaden children’s horizons and inspire a passion for science.