We want every child to develop a love of books and reading. And we believe that hearing great books read aloud draws children in and helps them experience the magic of books, even when they cannot read them independently.

Our youngest children learn the basics of reading and writing though:

  • A phonics programme using the Read Write Inc. approach
  • Access to books at the right level for their phonics knowledge
  • Dedicated Love of Reading time, where they work in groups to hear and discuss books beyond their current phonic knowledge.

Our aim is for children to begin Key Stage 2 with a good knowledge of phonics and reading, so they can begin to think carefully about the meaning of what they read.

We know that children’s understanding of what they read depends on their wider knowledge and understanding of the world. Our curriculum gives children the knowledge of the world they need to understand and interpret a wide range of books.

Where families have English as a second language or lack confidence in their own reading skills, we build their confidence to support their child’s learning and encourage reading at home.