We use the Manchester Agreed Syllabus for RE which systematically covers all the main religions and worldviews, including humanism, agnosticism and atheism and ensures children have a secure knowledge base and understanding of a range of religions and worldviews. The foundations for RE are laid in the EYFS, where children start to learn how people and families are similar and different, and to understand family and religious customs and celebrations.

We build positively on the wide range of beliefs and religions held within the school community, encouraging children to feel proud and secure in their own faith, and share their knowledge with their classmates to increase understanding and tolerance.  We work hard to ensure that children are confident in their own faith and recognise that learning about another religion does not mean they are being taught to believe in that religion.

We consult and inform parents and carers about the content and delivery of our RE curriculum. We recognise parents and carers’ legal right to withdraw their child from Religious Education, but we encourage families to allow their children to participate in all aspects of Religious Education with the aim of increasing understanding and respect across different religions and cultures. We believe that our community is strongest when we all have knowledge, understanding and respect for each other’s way of life. For this reason, we positively recognise and mark celebrations and festivals from different cultures and offer an extensive range of visits to local places of worship to support children’s understanding of the groups that make up our rich and diverse community