Our PSHE curriculum aims to prepare children to become well rounded citizens in our school, community and the wider world. We put happiness, wellbeing and resilience at the heart of everything we do in school. We believe children who feel safe, valued and respected will become able to confidently articulate their feelings and become reflective learners. This will support them to fully engage with learning and fulfil their full academic potential.

As Gold Rights Respecting schools, dignity through respect and kindness is a central thread that runs throughout our school life. We use the Manchester Healthy Schools I Matter resources as a starting point then add in materials from Rights Respecting Schools, our own ChangeMakers programme, national initiatives such as Anti Bullying Week, Internet Safety Day etc. and use the Skills Builder framework to develop essential skills such as listening, presenting, problem solving, leadership, teamwork, staying positive and aiming high.

Our PSHE provision starts in the Early Years where children develop positive relationships with each other and with adults and learn to name and recognise emotions. They build the foundation for future self-esteem, learning to manage their behaviour and engage positively with learning. Throughout the school, we teach children how to articulate their viewpoint constructively, understanding the impact their behaviour has on others and learning to work effectively in teams. Our behaviour policy is grounded in the language of rights, responsibilities and respect.

The values and messages of our PSHE curriculum underpin and permeate our wider curriculum and ethos. For example, children learn about ChangeMakers in history, human rights in Geography, and keeping safe in ICT. We teach an age appropriate RSE curriculum, working closely with parents and carers to help children understand how to stay safe and healthy in the modern world. We encourage parents to support all aspects of PSHE by providing their children with boundaries, positive encouragement, modelling healthy hygiene, diet and online safety. Working closely with families, we aim to lay the foundations for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences children will encounter at High School and in later life.