Our schools have developed their P.E provision starting from the Manchester agreed syllabus for P.E and developing a systematic P.E curriculum which builds the physical, social, emotional and intellectual skills of our students.

The curriculum works holistically to build physical fitness and skills, but also to develop improved leadership skills, communication skills, independence, co-operation, loyalty, fairness, respect, and responsibility. Through their time with us, children are introduced to and progress in a wide range of physical activity including sports, games, dance, and gymnastics.

Our EYFS provision encourages active play, developing gross and fine motor skills and teamwork. We give children the vocabulary and concepts they need to describe how their bodies work and move, and how to stay healthy and be safe.

We deliver all aspects of the national curriculum for physical education to ensure that all children lead healthy, active lives, enjoy being physically active for sustained periods of time and develop competence to excel in a range of physical activities. We will ensure that as they progress through the school, children have opportunities to engage in competition within their class, between classes and year groups, and with other schools. We work with Manchester’s Premier League Clubs, and other sporting clubs and associations to encourage children to be active outside school and to encourage children who wish to develop their talents by engaging at a higher level.

We support those who lack confidence in PE and those with special physical or emotional needs, planning with sensitivity to allow all children to participate and develop at their own level. We want all children to access a wide range of activities to lay the foundation for a life of physical activity and positive mental wellbeing. We link PE with science and PSHE so children understand how to keep their bodies healthy and to use physical activity to support wellbeing.

Our family support workers raise awareness of the importance of daily activity by supporting and encouraging families to be active. We promote healthy lifestyles and active travel through campaigns, challenges and parent events.