The Big Life Way

We work with communities to develop schools which provide the best educational outcomes and support children to grow into healthy, happy and resilient adults.

We are Rights Respecting Schools at the heart of our communities, welcoming and supporting all families and promoting respect, understanding and tolerance.

Our schools are hubs in their communities, with opportunities for people to volunteer, train and take up employment. We partner with local schools, community and faith based organisations. We attract a range of income to widen our offer to the local community.


Our Curriculum 

We strive for outstanding outcomes in education and wellbeing.

We give children the deep knowledge and cultural experiences they need to develop their understanding of the world and become informed future citizens.

We help children find their voice and build on their strengths to become resilient and persistent learners with a hunger for knowledge.

We give all children rich and sustained experience of a broad and balanced curriculum which includes: the joy of creativity, including knowledge of the arts and music; becoming active and healthy and appreciating the power of nature and the outdoors.

We support children to develop the characteristics they need to succeed and be part of a community, including being able to think and reflect; help and give and value difference.